Humans live on the planes of Talwin and Asura. Each plane is respectively home to the Winter and Sun clans. The legend is that Teflon sealed the plane of Asura to separate the chaos gods so that he could kill them one by one. The humans eventually broke the seal and escaped but found a very different world than the one they left behind.

Winter Clan

The Winter Clan reside on the Plane of Talwin and is the less violent clan. It is made up of hunters and beast tamers. Each member has an animal companion that they have raised themselves, the animal is first given or obtained as a right of passage. The type of animal one has holds an inherent level of social stature behind it, with Rocs being considered the most impressive. The Clan itself has had a past of trading with outsiders and even fighting Dragons on rare occasions.

Sun Clan

The Sun Clan resides on the plane of Asura and is kinown to worship the sky It is believed that the chaos god Asura melded with the plane and offers them gifts in the form of the sun, moon and lightning. Many races try to steal the arcane weapons and artifacts crafted by the Sun Clan because of their unmatched quality and utility, however few ever make it back with items or even their lives. 


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