Petunia was an aquatic reptilian creature who stood 8 ft tall. She had light blue scales with dark blue plates running from the tip of her tail up her spine. Her face was always obscured by a helmet which she had imbued with magic to let her breathe out of water. She wore a Mithril chest piece as well as elbow and knee pads into battle. Her weapon of choice was a magical spear which she could use to emit an electrical bolt at distant foes.


Petunia was a veteran from the divine war who lost her home to human invasion. After the war she spent most of her time hiding from the reaches of the chaos gods and human empires that took power. She mostly found refuge in the outer planes choosing to stay on the plane of water.
After the fall of the chaos gods she began to travel the five planes in search of a new home and purpose. It was on the plane of Dax she met a forest guardian named Lytrix who asked her to help protect their settlement from the recurring Dragon attacks. Unlike most forest guardians Lytrix had no combat prowess and spent her time cultivating crops and caring for children who had lost their parents to Dragon attacks. Petunia made the region her home, however after being hunted for so long she found it difficult to adopt a sedentary life style and chose to live outside the town changing camp sites regularly in the surrounding region. She hunted Dragons in the area, resupplying at the town, she often brought treasure, trinkets and herbs as gifts for the townsfolk. The residents found it difficult to pronounce her exotic name so she chose to adopted the name Petunia because of the local tradition where children under the care of Lytrix offered her flower charms. The charms were supposed to help protect her in battle. Her favourite of the flowers being the petunias that grew around the settlement. She was fond of them both because she admired their beauty and that they were used to ward off evil.
Petunia slowly fell in love with Lytrix who convinced the warrior to settle down and live amongst the residents. Eventually the settlement was found by a Human raiding party. Petunia fought them off but was ambushed, with her escape route cut off she fought a lengthy battle only to return to the ruins of her lovers home. Amongst the ashen remnants she heard a quite sobbing from a cellar hidden under a tree. Inside Petunia found the children Lytrix had been caring for. Deciding to never stay in any one place too long, Petunia tried to nurture and find new homes for the children whilst moving through the plane of Dax. From then on she travelled the plane helping towns, slaying evil beasts and guiding lost travellers to their homes. In memory Lytrix Petunia tried to find new homes for those who survived attacks that had destroyed their homes.
At first Petunia would only care for lost souls on their way to find new homes. She soon found that not everyone was as caring as Lytrix and did not want to take in new children or survivors, especially of other, sometimes hated races. From time to time she even found herself caring for children until they reached adulthood. She preferred to not take too many people under her wing because of the dangers that came with the lifestyle she had adopted. However her soft hearted nature meant that she sometimes took on more than she could handle. Several times she found her self unable to care for everyone and chose to help construct new settlements for all the survivors. As time passed she would return to the settlements with more survivors of tragedies; being founded on her generosity these settlements were more than willing to take in survivors and care for them. Some chose to stay by her side, especially younger survivors who did not trust the idea of living in one place. She tried her best to educate the children no one else wanted, or who did not want to leave her side. Her travels gave her access to many books, magical texts and for those interested she passed on her martial knowledge and what she knew of the arcane.


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